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Writer, book blogger, tea drinker, late night snacker.
Professional cryer who spends way too much time online, eating books for breakfast.

Basically, your bookish best bud.

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You know me and my obsession with music. I do have very weird and kinda different taste when it comes to music, often even my friends don't understand.

It's maybe because I grew up with anxiety that music is so important to me; it does make me feel better and gives me another dimension, another world to live in, one where all my problems don't exist and there's just me, the lyrics and my breathing.

Whenever I write, I always make sure I have the perfect tune for a specific scene, it makes the job so much better – and faster, so much faster!

So I've decided to start some kind of weird thing where I try to find songs that better explain a scene, a feeling, maybe even a moment of silence or a laugh while reading a book. I hope you're on board with that because that's it for today and if you have suggestions, please, do tell. I'm always on the hunt for new songs!

Since I've been re-reading Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, I thought to start with this one and give this whole thing a go before I change my mind and decide that it's too stupid or lame – or both.
The review for this awesome book will be up next week, I promise! Just give me the time to collect my feelings and dry my tears, alright? Cool.

 Paul – Big Thief
Getaway Car – Taylor Swift
Uncomfortable – Wallows
Southern Wild – Honeywater
Hard Feelings/Loveless – Lorde
Water – Jack Garrett
Meadows – Wild Child
Our Corner of the Universe – K.S.Rhoads
La Bamba – Los Lobos
Talk Me Down – Troye Sivan

If you want to listen to this Playlist right now, you can do it on Spotify!


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