Another month, another bunch of new book releases. And with my birthday coming up, I thought it was actually very well planned, this whole "let's see what's coming out this month" thing.

I'm not gonna lie, I've been very disappointed. Don't get me wrong, all these titles look great and they did a really great job cover-wise but man, so many thrillers! And for someone who's never thrilled whenever reading the genre, I was kinda let down a bit.

But still, there are some great titles I really want to check out - they are a few but sounds great and just right up my street, although I will list all the thrillers that got me very interested anyway because maybe some of you might actually find them interesting to check out!
So let's start, shall we!?

Told ya! Too many thrillers! But there are some retellings and some dark novel I'm very excited to check out! 
Are you excited about this month's releases? As I've already said, I'm not really looking forward to reading any of these titles - like I would be if at least one of these books was Queen of Air and Darkness but let's not twist the knife, the Waterstones pretty version has a cover and I can't wait!

Anyway, what are the books you're most excited to read this month? Whether or not they belong to this list, tell me about them so I can add 'em to my forever growing TBR pile 😜

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