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It's Evan Peters season, ya'll!

If there is one thing you should know about me is that I love Autumn. It shouldn't surprise anyone, really. Whenever the Summer starts turning into cold nights in spent in front of the TV in candlelight and a cup of tea – that I haven't given up on all Summer – I feel like I'm born again every single year. I don't know what it is about fall that I really really love; maybe is the fact that I get to wear sweaters all the time and jackets and coats or maybe is just the atmosphere, that gothic je ne sais quoi that makes everything feel like it belongs to a gothic novel from the '800 I also happen to spend a lot of time in the cemetery, kinda morbid, I know but I need that inspiration to write my books, so say what you want. Autumn is my favourite season and I can't wait to move back to England – Oxford or Cambridge, you know me and my obsession with those picture perfect places – to really enjoy the Autumn spirit. Now, I don't wanna alarm anyone but I might love Autumn even more than Christmas time. There. I said it.

Anyway, there is something weirdly exciting about watching cosy – but not really – shows during Autumn, with a cup of tea to warm up your cold hands and darkness lit by a few candles. Now, don't expect me to dive into how great AHS is because I won't. I hate that show. And not because it's scary – it's really not – but because I get bored the whole season just to have those pick episodes, usually the last two, where EVERYTHING HAPPENS. No thanks. But Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters are great, I have to give it to them. But there are new shiny – and maybe creepier – shows on the horizon for this Fall season, and believe me, some of these, you won't wanna miss!


Salem, vampires, witches, everything under the Oxford sky. It's the tv-adaptation for the All Souls trilogy by Deborah Harkness and it's looking good. You know I can't pass a tv-show set in Oxford, and if there are witches and vampires involved, no is not the answer.
The whole premise revolves around Diana Bishop, a historian and descendant of the first witch killed in Salem, who finds a bewitched manuscript in Oxford's Bodleian Library, a book that nobody ever found and that unravels the secrets about magical beings. You should really check it out, the first two episodes are already available!


Oh, Dan Humphrey, how much I've missed you.
This show is so good! Again, based on a novel written by Caroline Kepnes, it's a psychological thriller where a bookstore manager, Joe Goldberg – aka Dan Humphrey from Gossip Girl – falls in love with a girl, Becks and that love soon becomes crazy obsession. It's so cool, you guys! Plus, I have this weird feeling this show was made for me, not the crazy part, obviously, but if you think about it, Joe works in a bookstore and LOVES books - #relatable – and Becks is an University student who's trying to be a writer – also, #relatable
It's bloody and crazy and also, very romantic if you see it from that perspective, which is okay, I guess. The first two episodes premiered already and the show has been renewed for a season two!


What's creepier than AHS and latex men hanging from the ceiling? Stephen King. Especially if you take all his characters from his darkest books and put them all together under the same sky and there you have it, Castle Rock, a city you will beg to leave before you get too caught up in its dark mysteries.
This show is based on characters and settings from the stories of the king (get it?) of horror himself. Also, Bill Skarsgard is in the show and if that doesn't ring a bell I don't know what could! But basically, prepare for a walk inside your darkest nightmares, folks!


I know, I'm cheating but hear me out! Even if it basically came out this Summer, the show is just so atmospheric and gothic – that manor kinda reminds me of Crimson Peak – that you really should give it a try during a rainstorm. Based on a novel from 1967 written by Joan Lindsay, it revolves around a school for girls and the disappearing of three of them at Hanging Rock. Dark, sexy, magical with an eye for fashion – those beautiful Victorian clothes tho! - it's the perfect tv-show to binge when it gets chilly.

And here you have it! Also, if you happen to love Picnic at Hanging Rock, there's also a movie adaptation from 1975 which is also great! Now, talking about movies, I've recently watched Mary Shelley with Elle Fanning and Douglas Booth and oh. my. God. It was so good! Frankenstein is my favourite classic and I absolutely fell in love with Mary Shelley back in school. She was such a strong woman and this movie really gave her justice. If you love gothic settings, feminism, and very fancy men in old-fashioned clothes, then give it a go and tell me what you think!



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