If you're reading this, it possibly means that you've decided to join NaNoWriMo this November.
Good for you.
Also, I'm so sorry.

It also means that you've already prepared yourself for sleepless nights, gallons of tea, a mental breakdown (or two or three or, let's be honest, a whole month worth of anxiety and trepidation) the risk of writer's block striking anytime and no social life.
If you haven't, make at least sure you have a therapist one call away for the most challenging month of the year.

Welcome to NaNoWriMo, folks.

Now, I'm talking from experience here, last year I won NaNo one week in advance and I thought I was the coolest person on earth.
Fast forward to this year, I think I'm trash.

I barely even started writing and with a book that needs editings, a story flying in my brain trying to collect all the pieces together, I find myself confused and lost.
But I'm doing it anyway.

The goal last year, since it was the first year ever for me, was winning.
How wrong, I know, but I was ready and excited and god, I wanted that winning badge and certificate more than anything else in the world so I wrote 50k and then stopped.
The story wasn't even finished.
It was crap.
But it was something.

This year's goal is to write anyway, no matter being late to the game, no matter how confused my ideas are, even if it means I get to write chapter 20 first and then go back and write the first chapter, all it matters is writing the shit out of this book.

I don't care about winning.
Does that motivate you?
Hell yes!
Does it really matter?
And flip that finger to whoever says winning is everything. The most important thing here is writing.

So try to do it as often as you can, seek for advice, say goodbye to your friends just for these four weeks – you'll have all the time to catch up later! - make a playlist if you're one of those people who works best with music, do whatever you need but write. Write. Write.

I do have some writing tips here and here that you can check out if you want, but the NaNoWriMo website is full of pep talks from authors that want you to succeed and not just win but end up, at the end of the month, with a finished book.
A crappy one.
With lots of mistakes and nonsense.
But a full book you'll have the chance to edit and fix.

Everything needs a starting point.
Now, glue your bum cheeks at the desk/couch/bed/whatever is more comfortable for you cause you're gonna stay there a long time, and just write.