SUNDAY CRUSH - Poets of Instagram

Oh, Instagram. We all love it, we all hate it - at times - especially after this bloody algorithm. But I'm still on the love side, yes, my pictures don't get enough engagement but I still love creating content, snapping pictures around my bedroom, with my books and of the places I go to. It's fun. I do especially love the work that is behind Instagram, what comes before a picture is posted, you know, the putting together a set, finding new props, I even like the editing process - finding the perfect lighting, adjusting the saturation, putting on a filter here and there...

If you've been following me on Instagram for a while, you know I like to share some of my own poetry there, with an image of some sort. I'm quite open when it comes to sharing personal content, especially if it's in poetry form. As a writer, I think it's a fun way to avoid sitting at your desk for hours and just have fun with your own words. 
I know there are other people revolving their entire Instagram feed around their poetry, creating a community of lovers of words, those that enter your brain, your heart, and live there for days. That's the kind of community I hope to create, and while I wait and work for it, I'd love if you would consider giving these amazing poets a chance to break your heart, heal it and then set it on fire all over again.

Un post condiviso da Danica Gim (@danica.gim) in data:

 @danica.gim is one of my absolute faves. Her words may sound simple but pared them with the beautiful prints, they hang on your heart and beg it to fall for them.
She has her debut poetry collection called Morningstar Musings already out and I can't wait to dive into those pages!

Un post condiviso da ATTICUS (@atticuspoetry) in data:

 @atticuspoetry is my number one. An aura of mystery wraps him tight while the power of his words precedes him. With two books out - Love Her Wild and The Dark Between Stars - he is the Instagram sensation of our generation. Stealing hearts from all over the world, his poetry completely captures the feeling of falling in love, running in the wilderness, jumping on a late plate for Paris and kissing in the middle of the night with that whiskey breath. His poetry is the only thing that provides me with an endless source of inspiration whenever I'm writing.

Un post condiviso da Noor Unnahar (@noor_unnahar) in data:

@noor_unnahar 's style captivated me in just one second. The moment I saw her artsy journal filled with poems of her own I was immediately in love with her. As an artist, I found her way to display her work unique and brave, so beautiful that I've decided to do that myself. I took a journal and filled it with words and paintings and scrap paper, everything that screamed at me, I used it. Her poetry is out there, quite on your face, she's silently screaming, fighting with the power of her written words. She talks about her country, a very different reality than the one we live in, she writes about courage, family, love, hope, and she does it quite beautifully. She also has a book out, a debut poetry collection - Yesterday I Was The Moon - its pretty blush pink cover is just everything.

When it comes to poetry, I think there is not a right or wrong way to do it. You can't judge it, you can't say it's good or it's not. What you can really say is if it resonates with you, if you have found a bit of yourself in the words you've read and if you have, then it's pretty clear that we're not the only one facing fears in this world.

I hope you found this little round-up of my favourite Instagram poets helpful and that you will check out these awesome people after reading this post.
Maybe it'll help you be more creative or start a project of your own or it will make you fall in love with the words a little bit more, whatever it is, embrace it. There's always time and space to get your hands dirty and make art out of you.

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