If there is one thing I love about Sundays is the fact that I get to catch up with everything I missed during the week while I was busy working on my novel.
What I love especially is to catch up with my favourite bloggers, see what they've been up to and the new content they put on the blog during the week.
Sundays are just for that. 

I also like to comment on what I think are some great posts, interacting with the bloggers and letting them know that what they wrote is really appreciated.

Today I wanted to share with you all the blogs I'm currently loving and I'm low-key obsessed with.
So let's get started!

I've been such a fan of this blog since the early ages but it's since she changed her design that I'm even more sure of the fact that she is one of my faves!
The cosy pictures and the friendly tone of her writing voice always make me feel like I'm talking to her, rather than reading her thoughts!

This blog is very new to me since I've only discovered it a few weeks ago, by chance. And I have to admit, the clear and simple design was what truly got me at first. But then I kept reading blog post after blog post and I loved it immediately.
I'm always checking if there's something new every single day and I also take notes for upcoming posts I want to write.

This blog is top two on my list! It's also very new to me but I loved it from the very first second. It has everything you could need, from movie reviews to books to travel and University. The pictures are AMAZING and I really love the writing style, very friendly and easy to read!
The perfect Sunday read!

This blog is the cutest! I actually discovered it yesterday tbh, but immediately fell in love with it! The design is so cool and the illustrations are to die for! It's a book blog so books are the main ingredient to this amazing little corner of the Internet but it's also so different from any other book blog I already know and love!

That's it, these are my current favourite blogs atm!
If you have more you think I might like, please, share the links down below so I can check them out! 😉