He's made a move away from the group. I packed
away the camera and started to say my goodbyes. Now
what? The idiot's stopped at the food table, picked up a
plate and out a samosa on it. Oh, he's hungry, is he?
Knows I can't afford to take him out to dinner. Telling
me he wasn't interested, was he. Fine. I can get a cab. I
can forget him. He wasn't everything to me.
He'd sauntered back to the group and handed the
plate to Varsha, then turned around to give me a huge
cheeky grin.
We were out. We were laughing. We were waltzing in
each other's arms, looking up at a moon spinning faster
and faster above us, the dizzying dark dissolving
everything between us.
I was feeling feelings I'd never felt before, kisses on
kisses, a universe of fireworks sparkling.