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INTRODUCING: every day may

Rumour has it: human beings are creatures of habit.
But me being me, who usually goes upwind, I’m usually a creature who breaks them. Repeatedly.
It’s not that I enjoy doing it, I don’t even think about breaking a habit until I realize that I haven’t been running every morning for the past three months and that I’m eating shit tons of bread and pasta and crisps while comfortably sitting – very unwoman-like – on the couch that is still covered in blankets from the sleepover that happened five days ago. I don’t do it on purpose, really, I just get bored very easily and get tired of doing or eating the same thing every. single. day. Boo-hoo.

That’s why this post exists. I’m trying to put my mind into things this year, I have goals that won’t happen overnight, sure, they need practice and consistency, that’s why I’ve been compiling a list of things I want to get done this month and that require my everyday attention. This is also a challenge for me because as I’m writing this it’s already May 1st and I haven’t done any of the things on said list, so GO ME! 
But I also know that if I put my mind to it and really make an effort, I could do it and what better way to make sure I’m not failing that to share it with the Internet!

But I wanted to make things a lot more interesting and instead of waiting for me to give up and call it a day, I want you to think about 5-10 things you want to accomplish and that require your everyday attention and do them, one by one, without skipping a single day. 
Now you’re shaking, arent’ you? 
Calm down, they don’t have to be major things like eating healthy for a whole month without ever doing it before. It doesn’t work like that. I was thinking about daily habits to start and that could lead you to something more effective like “giving up dairy for a month in order to make it easier to eat healthy in the future.” It’s in the little things, guys!

So consider yourself officially invited to join me on this 30-days journey and share with me your progress and your lists in the comments, on Twitter, Instagram, everywhere!
Here’s the list I’ve come up with – fingers crossed I won’t forget about it first thing in the morning tomorrow, which, knowing me, might absolutely happen.

1. Be consistent with Instagram. Upload three times a day.

2. Do some form of exercise every day. A walk, a quick dog-pose, a heavy workout. A run to the toilet.

3. Write. Every. Day. Even if it’s a line, a quote, a word. The grocery list.

4. Promote other people’s work. Don’t be selfish and share the throne.

5. No dairy. Let your mum eat the chocolate you’ve been hiding away. She’s done your laundry when you were so anxious and never left the bed. She deserves it.

6. Read a page every day. Being a bookstagrammer doesn’t always mean I’m reading all day every day. Sometimes I’m not touching a single book for weeks. Arranging them all pretty to take pictures of them doesn't count.

7. No tech before bed. Yes, those ASMR videos are sleep inducing but Instagram is just one app away and you don’t want to spend your whole night watching puppies playing. Although they’re cute and all. No wonder why you can’t sleep at night. Read a book instead.

8. Do your skincare. See those dry patches around your nose, your mouth, your cheeks and all over your forehead? This is because you always forget your skincare. Change that. Make an effort.

Your turn!