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My name is Maril├╣, a 27 - slowly going for 28 but still rocking that "teenager glow" - years old writer, blogger, tea drinker, n°1 pizza lover who spends way too much time online, eating books for breakfast.

Basically, your bookish best bud.

Welcome to Chapter 92, your go-to place for everything bookish & lifestyle.

You might recognize this little corner of the Internet as *insert billion silly blog names here* where I talked about "How to survive High School without having a breakdown" or "How not to fall in love with the supermarket employee who already has a girlfriend and is totally screwing you over."

If you remember those posts, well, we've been through a lot, haven't we? But don't you worry, I'm not cutting those topics out, I'm still a woman in her now late twenties - it does feel brutal to say that! - so, of course, I'm going to talk about all that crap: friendships, growing up, getting old (ahhhh!!!!) men but with a different take, an older woman take. So please, fair warning: if you're not Will Herondale, you can keep your demon pox for yourself. Thanks.

I will also talk a lot about books and if you're a #booklover too, then you will most likely find what you're looking for in here. I will cover everything from book reviews to bookish chats to author interviews and since I'm a writer too - feels weird to address myself this way but HI, I'VE BEEN WRITING A BOOK FOR THE PAST HUNDRED YEARS! - I will share some of my most used tips and tricks and #writingadvice and why not, even some of my own original pieces too.

So stay a while if you want, grab a cuppa or a snack - or both!! - and have a read!

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