March has been a very long month, kinda like January but worse.
Maybe it was the fact that I stopped writing for a while or that I constantly thought about the surgery I'm having in June but it really was a shitty month for me and I can't wait to leave it behind.
But, like everything else, it also had its goods, like nights in with a cup of tea and a movie (or three) or that time I went away for two days on a road trip with some friends and didn't get car sickness. That was a very memorable day.

I haven't read anything in March, or anything new, to be fair I did re-read some books I haven't read in a while and sometimes it's really weird how a book you already know can make you feel different things, years later. I'm quite a fan of re-reading old books, those that make you feel great and I also wrote a blog post about all the books worth a re-read.

I also watched great, fantastic movies this month! Quite honestly, I'm not a huge fan of movies, I do prefer tv-series for their longevity but with the Oscar season and people raving about how good these movies were, I just couldn't let them go unseen, could I?
My number one is definitely The Greatest Showman and I know it's a favourite of a lot of people. I just can't stop singing along with the soundtrack I smartly downloaded on my iPod to bring with me to the gym and guys, if you haven't tried working out with The Greatest Showman soundtrack, you should! 
I also watched Three billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri and loved it so much! It was funny and provocatory and really hard to watch sometimes and so, so good!

This month I needed to do something to spark my motivation, I couldn't write anything so I moved all the furniture around (not the whole house, just my bedroom) and now I'm so ready to start Camp NaNoWriMo you have no idea!
Speaking of writing, I thought about another novel, I already have some of the characters very clear in my head but I also need to finish my first manuscript and edit it before pitching agents that will, hopefully, give it a chance. I believe in it so much but I also believe that it's a quite different genre and even if I love writing contemporaries, I also love the dark and misty aesthetics of gothic novels which I'm currently writing. 
I have so much hope in this story, and this month I've been thinking a lot about it, about my career and I've finally come to terms with what I really want which is being an author.
It may sound stupid to some of you but I've been raised with books in one hand and bread in the other so that's quite the safety net for me, the obvious choice.
But it's also scary and since I'm not a teenager anymore and I don't have all the time in the world, I have to rush if I want to do something with my final choice and sometimes following your dreams is not what you're meant to do but I'm trying and that's new for me.

This month I wrote a lot and if not for my novel, I wrote a lot for the blog.
I gave writing tips for sceptical writers and shared some of my poetry.
I also wrote a letter to my mum on her birthday and shared some thoughts about losing a friend and finding myself again in the process.
My friend and amazing poet Alicia Cook shared one of my bookstagram pictures I took of her poetry book and a lot of people commented on it, even Nikita Gill herself.

I got sent a book from David Meredith for review and I truly can't wait to dive into this Sci-Fi!

A lot of things happened this month, some bad and others good but I'm still here, still breathing, still trying to get through my TBR pile while pushing myself to finish this goddam novel.
Life is good.