Fave Book Genres

 If you've landed safely on this page, it means that not only I've finally understood something about html codes, but that you have a book in the works or are ready to share it with the world so you want to know if your blood, sweat and tears can have a spot on this blog.

To make it very simple for you, I read anything that is not High Fantasy, Thriller or Sci-fi but I understand that books have sub-worlds within them so you might find this very specific list of genres very useful if you want to pitch your work to me. If your tales dances along these lines, we're already spellbound.

Chapter 92's Genre Fest: A Guide to What Tickles Our Pages

🎓 Dark Academia Dramas: Dusty books, hallowed halls, and whispered secrets; for those who love their learning with a side of mystery - and maybe a murder or two.

👻 Eerie Escapades: Creepy, kooky, mysterious, and spooky - if it sends shivers down your spine, it's right up my alley.

🔍 Cozy Mystery Corner: Curl up with a cup of tea and unravel mysteries that comfort as much as they captivate.

🏰 Gothic Mystery Maze: Wander through fog-laden paths and haunted manors where every shadow tells a tale.

Magical Realism Moments: Immerse yourself in the extraordinary subtly woven into the fabric of the everyday.

🌆 Contemporary Conundrums: For the slice-of-life stories that grab you by the heartstrings and never let go.

🌙 Urban Fantasy Undertakings: Navigate the gritty streets where the magical and mundane meet. If Cassandra Clare is reading this, your book have a secured VIP spot on my bookshelves and my heart.

🔮 Witchy Wonders: Spellbinding tales of power, mystery, and the enchanting dance with the arcane.

📜 Poetic Whispers: where every verse is a journey of its own.