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If you want to make sure I review your book, then you could ask for a *sponsored review request* after you check out the review policy for further info.

Thank you for considering working with me! If you're here to propose a collaboration or for sending me some of your products please,  make sure it's a right fit for this blog and the niche it covers first. 
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  • All book reviews posted on this blog or on any other social platform will be 100% honest.
  • As of now, I am currently accepting physical copies only.
  • I do not read High Fantasy, Thrillers (unless they're YA) or Sci-fi.
  • Sending me a book does not guarantee a review on this blog or other social platforms linked to it. But I do evaluate every book I get sent. 
  • If you want your book to be reviewed on this blog or any other social platform linked to it, you have to request a sponsored review. Sponsored reviews are €60 for a basic plan and guarantee a thorough, honest review in the time frame agreed on (at least 3 weeks notice needed). If you'd like a sponsored review, email me with *sponsored review request* in the subject line. Check out all the different plans you can select at the bottom of this page.
  • I reserve the right to decline to receive a novel.


(Contact to know the various prices of each plan)


- book review on this blog
- shout out on Instagram Stories + Post on the feed


-book review on this blog
- shout out on Instagram Stories + Reels - Post on the feed
- book review on Goodreads


- book review on this blog
- book review on Goodreads
- book review on Reedsy
- book review on Storygraph
- Shout out on Instagram Stories - Reels
- Shout out - Review on Instagram Post
- Shout out on Social (Twitter, Tumblr, Ig, TikTok)
- + storyboard to work on together to understand the feel of the book which will translate into a very aesthetically pleasing Instagram Post.

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