Let's get to know each other


Welcome to Chapter92, the nook for readers where gothic meets the avant-garde, and Sally Rooney mingles with Donna Tartt. Imagine a cozy, slightly shadowy corner of a library, filled with the musk of used books - that's my sanctuary, and now, yours too.

Hi, I'm Maril├╣, a chronic book hoarder, journal enthusiast, and an aspiring novelist currently weaving my debut tale. My journey started as a simple, burning desire: to carve out a little corner of the Internet where my thoughts on eerie, weird stories, dark academia delights, and contemporary fiction could roam free. From whispered thoughts to loud declarations, each post on this blog is a love letter to the art of storytelling.

You might have stumbled upon my musings in the 21st issue of Blogosphere Magazine or crossed paths with me during my collaborations with Publishers who share a penchant for narratives with a dark twist. Yes, I cherish the peculiar, the unsettling, and the beautifully bizarre stories that linger long after the last page is turned. But, don't be fooled - the occasional Sally Rooney novel finds its way into my heart, onto my shelves and onto this blog too.

This blog is more than just literary critiques and love notes to my favorite genres; it's a personal journey laid bare for the world to see. Through personal essays that read like journal entries, I invite you into my world. A world where we gather the best-used copies of books like treasures and weave our thoughts into a tapestry of vivid discussions and reflections.

A Club of Our Own: the seeds for an exclusive book club have been planted, germinating into what will soon be an online gathering of minds and souls, united by our love for the written word. Stay tuned, for the pages of this new chapter are rustling in the wind, waiting to be turned.

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If my words have echoed even a whisper of your own literary soul, know that you've found your place among the shelves. Whether you're here for the eerie, the academic, or just a bona fide book discussion, all are welcome (except kids, this script is strictly PG-13).

So, pour yourself a cup of something dark and decadent, and let's turn the page on this adventure together. You're not just a visitor here; you're a fellow traveller on this literary journey. Welcome to the fold.