Review Policy

 At every book gets its moment in the spotlight - or the shadows if it's spooky enough! 

Here's a reminder of everything you might want to know if you're thinking about pitching your work to me:

Honesty is the Best Policy: Whether it's showcased on this blog or blasted across the social media universe, you'll get reviews that are 100% real, 100% honest. Just like my coffee - no sugar coating here!

Print or Pixel, All Are Welcome: Whether you're sending over a stack of pages or a sleek digital edition, both find a cozy spot on my reading nook.

Genres on the Guest List: Love a good story, but I tend to let High Fantasy, (most) thrillers, and Sci-fi stay home. (YA Thrillers, though? They get a VIP pass! The cozier and mysterious, the better!)

To Review or Not to Review: Sending a book my way is like buying a lottery ticket - you might hit the jackpot! While I can't promise a review for every book sent, each one gets its fair chance of stepping into the limelight.

Spotlight on Sponsored Reviews: Want to secure a spot center stage? A Sponsored Review starts at €60 for the Basic plan, ensuring your book gets a front-row seat in my review schedule. Just make sure to give me a heads-up at least 3 weeks in advance.

Requesting the Spotlight: Ready for the review of a lifetime? Joking, but shoot me an email with "Sponsored Review Request" lighting up the subject line. Don't forget to check out all the dazzling plans at the bottom of this page.

The Right to Say Nay: Every now and then, a novel and I might not be the perfect match. And that's okay! I reserve the right to gently turn a book away.

So, here you have it - the grand tour of my review policy here at

If your book is ready to brave the honest, bustling world of book blogging, you know where to find me.

Why settle for a single spotlight when your book can dazzle across the entire galaxy? 

Choose your plan and let me elevate your story from whispered secret to celebrated sensation. Contact me to get the magic started, and let's turn your book into the star of the show!

Just pick the plan that sings to your story's soul and let me do the rest.

📚 Basic Plan - The Prologue Package

Price: Let's chat!

Kick things off with a bang! Your book not only gets its own spotlight moment on the blog but also dances in the Instagram limelight with a story shout out and a feed post what'll make readers to a double-take.

🎭 Medium Plan - The Plot Twist Package

Price: Curious? Drop me a line!

Crank up the volume with the medium Plan: everything in the Basic, plus your book stars in an Instagram Reel, graces the Goodreads stage for encore applause, and takes the bow with an exclusive feed post. Your story? About to become everyone's latest obsession.

Top Plan - The Grand Finale Package

Price: Inquire within for the grand reveal!

For those wanting the full red-carpet treatment: along with the blog's standing ovation and Goodreads rave reviews, your tale will echo through the halls of Reedsy and Storygraph. Instagram Stories, Reels, and Posts? Yours will command attention. Twitter, IG, TikTok shoutouts - we're covering all the stages!