December Favourites

It feels so weird now, talking about December when it feels so far away already!

I honestly don't even remember what I did last month - except staying in bed sick - so it's a good thing past me remembered to take notes on what I was loving. That girl is on track now, she even downloaded apps to stay organized! Who's she? Don't know her.

Anyway. I've been really trying to stay organized and on top of my game just because things were getting overwhelming and I wanna do all of the things and write all the books. So yeah. There's that.

movies & tv.

Let's start with a bang and say that I've been watching a lot of good things in December. I 've already talked about my favourite shows (mainly Nancy Drew and Legacies), so today is all about what I've been watching recently, la creme de la creme.

01. his dark materials

Now, have you read the books? I hear you asking. No. I haven't. Do I feel ashamed? Not one bit. Look, I hate fantasy, okay? If you'd ask me about fantasy recommendations I would just stare, panic and run away for the hills. Fantasy is not my thing. But have I been thinking about reading the books after watching the show? Yes. I've talked with people who have read the books and said that the show is so perfectly done so I guess it just won that extra medal, in my book. The girl who plays Lyra is just awesome, a natural. The bear might be my favourite and can we talk about how I thought it was all CGI but found out all the animals are puppets? Bloody puppets! Moved by people! This just blew my mind - and made me love the show even more. 

02. Brittany runs a marathon

This movie got me. It's absolutely great and inspiring and no, I don't think we should all aim for the perfect body or lose that extra weight if we're okay with how we look. I didn't take it personally. Everyone has a story. Everyone thinks differently. Brittany runs a marathon is the perfect movie for anyone who wants to turn their life around and start actually doing something for themselves. It was flawed. And I did get angry at Brittany multiple times. But it made me think. It also made me wanna pick up running so yes, obviously I bought a bum-bag and waiting for my new running gear to knock on my door but overall, absolutely inspiring and funny and great. Also, it's inspired by a true story so it gets those extra points from me. Highly recommend.

03. let it snow

Look, I had to. Okay? Nothing screams winter! more than a cute little movie of kids falling in love during a bloody snowstorm. Or was it a storm? Maybe not. Maybe it was one of those American countries that feel like someplace out of a postcard. Anyway, being a huge fan of Sabrina - and Kiernan Shipka - I had to watch it. Granted, my favourite wasn't Kiernan's storyline but instead, I thought that the pop-star storyline was really cute and Christmasy. My favourite. I haven't read the book - I know, am I even a book blogger? - but people said that the movie was so much better and I listen to people so I don't see myself picking that book up anytime soon. I will re-watch the movie for sure, though!


As I've already said a number of times already, 2019 hasn't been a great reading year. I've read great books but I've been on a constant reading slump that made me second-guess everything I was reading so I don't have a lot to report on. But I did get to read Nobody's Victim by Carrie Goldberg and let me just say, it's the book everyone - and their mums! - needs to read. It's a collection of stories where we follow different people - women and men - seeking help against their abusers/stalkers/ psycho exes. It was terrifying and made me so angry but I think it's one of those books that shouldn't go unnoticed so I'm telling you, whether you're two people or a hundred reading this post, pick this book up. 

people on the internet

From Instagram to Youtube, I can't seem to get enough of great people doing great things. Paige Arminta Watts has been my favourite account to stalk on IG, her creativity always leaves me speechless and makes me want to get out and try new things. 
I also love vlogs, they're my favourite but only if done by people I truly love. This month I've been obsessed with Emma. Her vlogs are so chilled and relaxing - also so motivating with all the gym content! - that I haven't watched anything else.


Now, here's where this post shines. I listened to a crap ton of music in December - and no, before you ask, no Christmas song has made it to this list. I'm really weird when it comes to music, meaning I don't really listen to pop - or whatever everyone is listening to - I'm more of a folk/ out of the mountains kinda music (if that even says something, idk!) But I did fall into the pop rabbit hole this month with a few songs that I really really loved.

- billie eilish - wish you were gay
- conan gray - comfort crowd
- conan gray - maniac
- selena gomez - lose you to love me
- julia michaels+jp saxe - if the world was ending
- ryan caraveo - peanut butter waffles

These are all my December favourites, I hope I didn't bore you to death and that you found some pretty good gems to enjoy.

What have been your December faves?