Consider This by Chuck Palahniuk


Here's one thing you should know about me: I'm a sucker for books about writing. 

As a writer, as someone who aspires to be one long-term, I'm always looking for the best book that could teach more about the craft. Writing is experience, is practice, I know that much. But a few tricks here and there from someone who actually made it, are always appreciated.

I knew nothing about Chuck Palahniuk before Consider This. He is the author of Fight Club which did ring a bell in my brain that immediately connected to something I somehow watched when I was little but I didn't know there was also a book. The question is, will I ever read it? I don't think so and I'm fine with that.

Every time I ask someone for a book about the craft of writing, there's always that one person who directs me straight into Steven King's arms and as a feminist and a sane human being, I always stay away from him and his books. I'm not giving that man half a penny for his misogynistic and anti-feminist way of describing women, is what I'm saying.

So when Corsair reached out to me with this beautiful cover, I jumped on the chance and snatched a copy for myself, knowing I would learn something from it but didn't expect a lot, to be honest. All writing tips I know are along the lines of "write every day" or "write even if you have nothing to write about" or "just write!" and as much as I love me a bit of motivation, what I need is actual advice I can practice and that doesn't require writing even when I'm dreading it. Consider This was what I needed.

Title: Consider This 
Author: Chuck Palahniuk 
Pages: 256 
Genre & Keywords: Writing | Nonfiction 
Publication Date: January 7th, 2020 by Corsair 
Edition: *gifted Paperback 
Find it on: Goodreads | Amazon 
Chapter92 Rating: 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Quick Review: Chuck Palahniuk gives brilliant writing tips and advice on what your novel needs, what is missing and what you should do to improve right now. Mixed with stories from his various tours around the world and his relationships with other fellow writers. 

*this copy has been kindly gifted by Corsair but all thoughts are my own.

I jumped straight in with intense scepticism. Will he tell me to write every day? Will he suggest me to read everything I could put my hands on, even genres that are not for me? Armed with a perfectly floppy copy and a bookmark, I started reading it and you wouldn't believe the state of this book once I finished it. Or, should I say, devoured it. I had to go to the store and buy more sticky notes to add to the millions I already used throughout the whole book!

Not only does he give practical advice on how to get better and what to improve but he also goes deeper and gives examples from his work and others' in order to understand better and combine practice to his theory. Lists of books to read, writers to check out, books and articles to study.

What I don't see often is writers talking about other writers and in that, Palahniuk is a master and a gentleman. Being a writer is quite a solitary job that's not only about building connections but also maintaining them and sharing other people's work and Palahniuk is great at doing that. He talks about his fellow writers and mentors with such tenderness and affection and respect and it's a joy to see. 

Consider This should be re-named as the bible for all writers because not only it's full to the brim of tips and advice and ways to make your craft better and easier with time, it's also a love letter to other writers, almost like a thank you note after a hard time.