January TBR, Book Club Pick and Goodreads Goal.


Nothing excites me more than a clean slate, especially after everything we've been through this past year.

Obviously, we're not exactly out of the woods yet, but the start of a new year is not only a chance to look back but also to look forward to better things.

It wouldn't be the start of a new year if I didn't write about my reading goals, would it? And since we're still in the middle of a pandemic - and still going nowhere if not to get avocados for instagrammable breakfasts - there's plenty of time we can dedicate to books.

I set myself some goals last year and surprisingly, I got around to reading more than 20 books which isn't a lot for some, but to me, a serial DNF-er who gets bored very easily, it was an accomplishment.

This year I'm setting the bar way higher than I would usually go for, aiming for 50 books. I mean, what else can we do when the peak of our weeks is to get groceries, counting down those steps on our Fitbit?

I've already set eyes to a good amount of great releases, but I'm also interested in reading some older books I haven't got around to reading yet. And if you're here to add more books into your evergrowing list - or straight to your basket! - here is a list of what I'm planning on reading in January!
  1. Bridgerton - by Julia Quinn (obviously!)
  2. Scenes of a Graphic Nature - by Caroline O'Donoghue (currently reading)
  3. Kant's Little Prussian Head & Other Reasons Why I Write - by Claire Messud

If you remember - and are still a member of the dark academia clan - I launched a Book Club a few months ago, which I had to put on pause due to the festivities and a lack of reading energy. But we're back in business and with a BANG! 

After researching for the perfect book - I do have a running list of reads for the Book Club! - I finally set my heart on what I think will be a fun and riveting ride! 


The pick for January's Deadly Elit Book Club is The Furies by Katie Lowe!

It's 1997. Violet is a new student at Elm Hollow Academy and desperate to fit in. 

Quiet, artistic, unremarkable. When invited to an advanced study group by her alluring art teacher, Annabel, she is at once terrified and delighted. 

There she meets Robin, Grace, and Alex: charismatic outsiders who invite her into their clique. 

But once the study sessions on the school's history of seventeenth-century witchcraft and magic become more than just theory, Violet must decide what she's prepared to do in order to stay popular. 

And maybe she'll solve the mystery of what happened to a former member of their group. The one who went missing.

Now's your turn! How many books are you aiming for this year? What are your top picks for January?