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Writer, book blogger, tea drinker, late night snacker.
Professional cryer who spends way too much time online, eating books for breakfast.

Basically, your bookish best bud.

welcome to my blog

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I've always been in love with the way Maggie Stiefvater describes Blue in The Raven Cycle books. 
I mostly love the fact that I can actually relate to a character so much, so deeply. It's like she's been writing about me all the time, from the beginning to the very end, the growing, the loving, the falling. 
The desire to be more than just a pretty face, the not even thinking of being pretty because that's not what she wants to be remembered for, what she wants to be known for. 
Her heart, her brain, her fearless bones and loving soul.
The hurt, the missing, the lonely.

The happy, the feeling, the belonging.


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