As you're reading this, I'm probably at the hospital, laying in bed, drugged, with a sort of cast on my nose and breathing through my mouth. Fun, uh? I don't know how much time my nose will need to properly heal but I think I'll be laying in my bed for at least two days. Again, fun. I know, right? 

The good news though, is that I get to celebrate getting older and a proper adult aks my birthday!! Whoohooo! But seriously, who else hates birthdays? I mean, not other people's b-days, just mine, idk, I'm weird. That's already been stated.

Anyway, I'm not here to bore you off with details about my deviated septum nor my joie de vivre so I'll stop and do you all a favour. You're welcome. 
But I am here to tell you about my plans for this month, what I'll be doing, where I'll be going, my plans about this little space of the Internet and what I'm going to read. So make yourself a cold drink - or a hot tea if you're reckless like I am - grab a snack and let's cack on!

01. birthday celebration. 
Or, more appropriately, the lack of it. I hate birthdays, all the fuss and celebration, I mean, I would very gladly take the cake and that's it. And since I had no plans because of the operation, I think I'll get a last minute ticket to Rome and visit my cousin who's been in an accident and broke her foot. What a family, uh?

02. blog. 
I have no intention to take a break from my blog, not now that it's how I wanted it to be. I'm excited to brainstorm new content and schedule and have fun with it! Same with social media. I'm having so much fun taking pics for Instagram and chatting on Twitter that I just don't see myself quitting for the summer. Tbh, I'm thinking of going full-force-blogger-mode and do things right, starting from scheduling to planning. I wanna take it to the next level, ya know what I mean? 

03. business. 
My nose has been giving me pain and trouble for a long time now, putting me in an awkward and very hard to bear position where I couldn't work. If things go smoothly, I'll be working on my Patreon page which I already have up and running but there's just one post there so I'll be working on that, a lot! Also, since writing is the only thing I wanna do in my life, I'll be pitching to some online magazines and see if I can make it my career. Speaking of writing, you know I have a book to finish, right? Well, it's been sitting in my drawer since April, I think and it's time to work on it. I'm almost at the very end of it, I just have no idea how to get there, yet. But I'll figure it out. Then edit edit edit and pitch pitch pitch. Wish me luck!

04. diet & yoga.
Print it on t-shirts, folks, cause this is going to be my mantra for the rest of the summer. I found out I have some intolerances when it comes to food and I've been cutting out of my diet plan a lot of food that was potentially bad for me. I've also been doing Yoga on a regular basis, to deal with my stress and anxiety and it really helped me, I couldn't believe it! Now I feel calmer and centred and focused and since being at a desk writing is what I really wanna do in my life, it's really important to move my body and stretch and Yoga has worked its magic!

 05. road trips.
Apart from another little getaway with the whole family, I'm planning on leaving the city with a few friends and get some air elsewhere. We've been planning a weekend to the beach since one of my friends has a beach house - and then we'll be leaving for the mountains - now, that's a trip I'm really looking forward to. Ghostly pale skin gals don't do well in the sun.

06. a very short tbr.
Did you expect me to just go away, stay at the hospital and melting in the sun without the pleasure of a book? Oh, C'mon! You should know better, by now! 
But don't expect too much, between the operation and all these plans, I'll have very little time for books, but still, I just can't leave them behind, can I?
Starting from the one I'm reading right now, Aaru by David Meredith - a sci-fi that's really fascinating and at the same time creeping the hell out of me. And then, finally, I'll be diving myself completely in unknown waters with ACOMAF - A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah JMaas. I know you all love this book, claiming it's the best in the series so I can't wait to read it cause, surprisingly, I really loved the first one! And then, if I still have time and I feel like it - because we all know those classics can be a little bit intimidating - I want to finish reading Wuthering Heights. It's a fave of mine and although the season is not very appropriate for this book, I'll try my best!

So, these are all the plans and goals and everything I'll be doing - or trying to - this month. I'm sorry if you won't see me very active on social media this week, especially on Instagram, but I have no idea how much time I'll need to recover. Just bear with me, I'll be back soon - and finally breathing!

Don't forget to tell me what your July goals are, whether if you're leaving, staying home, tell me what you're reading or planning to! I'm all ears - or eyes!