Sounds about right, right?

And just like that, July is over. THANK GOD. It was the worst month of the year for me and it's so hot I can actually feel my brain melting to the ground.

July, as I said, was a very stressful month. I had surgery and the recovery was a lot to take in, like, A LOT. I couldn't breathe through my nose and I couldn't eat nor drink so they had to feed me through a needle and God knows a love needles, am I right?

Recovery though was the worst part. I've been confined to a hospital bed for two days and then my bed at home for another whole week, if not more. Everything hurt and I couldn't walk properly – something that made my frequent trips to the bathroom a nightmare – and eating wasn't happening either. I felt miserable but I was home and that made everything a lot better.
The day I went back to the hospital to take the swabs out I was so scared but the moment the doctor pulled them out I felt all the air coming in and I could breathe again and it was like dying and waking up again. It was awesome! I celebrated with ice-cream. I basically stuffed my face with it, the more the better.

I made three more trips to the hospital – an hour away from where I currently live – everybody knew me by then, I'd like to think it's because of my cheery personality and incredible sense of humor but I do think it's because nobody has seen a gal having so many panic attacks in one single night. Also, the humour part helped with the nurses because I've never had so many drugs in my life to help me with the physical pain. It was tough, folks.

Anyway, three weeks later the doctor removed the stitches and I was done. Now, I'm not completely healed, my nose still hurts sometimes but it's manageable, the only thing is that I can't wear makeup – but who cares, I couldn't bear to wear any in this heat anyway – I can't wear my glasses, so I'm basically blind like a mole and I can't drive yet, which is the worst part of it all. I need to go places, like, the library, the bookstore, the supermarket, anywhere as long as it's not my bed. Just one more month, right?

Another news, which is kinda cool but also kinda freaking me out, is that my best friend got engaged! WHAT? Yes! I know, crazy but it was about time. Whenever I think about it, I get really anxious because I think we're still babies but we're 26 and we're not babies anymore and we're not in school and life is moving so fast and can anybody stop the world, please? I need to catch my breath!
It's funny how things change, how you start seeing things differently, how everyone seems to move forward but you still feel like a child ready for school next year. My best friend is getting married, ffs! Could you believe that? I certainly can't but also, time to look out for wedding dresses, mate! That's going to be fun, right?

I turned 26. That is not an even I want to brag about or celebrate because duh. TWENTY. FUCKING. SIX. Some say I should have a husband by now or even a baby – or two! How can you even think about having babies when you still feel more like a daughter than a mother? Or a wife? Plus, it doesn't take a second to find someone who's willing to put up with my wild, crazy, artistic, panicky, overall very weird personality. He needs to be strong. And needs to have a therapist because I ain't paying for that. What he doesn't need is a mother ready to bitch about me. That's a requirement. But 26! I'm getting older even without realising it, sometimes I feel like I'm not even here, you know? Like I see people and the world go fast and fast and I'm left behind, arms and hands stretched forward to grasp the life I should have but they just stay empty and I feel sad. And this is TMI. Sorry. 26 is good. Especially if you still got that teenager's face and everyone thinks you're 16 because you look like a baby, still. Yeah, that actually happens to me all the time and I'm like, I'LL SEE YA WHEN I'M 50 AND GLOWING! BYE FELICIA! 26. At least I'm not 50. Yet.

Alright, since I've been basically stuck in bed with a puffy face and burning eyes, I couldn't do anything. Like, nada, nichts, rien, I couldn't even read or marathon a tv-series or two – or three. The first two weeks I got so bored I begged everyone around me to stay with me and make me laugh or tell me stories or basically chat even though I had no strength to talk. Once the two weeks were over, I've been reunited with my OTL aka my laptop and began watching episode after episode of every tv-series I left behind! When I found out that my brain could cooperate again, I jumped straight from tv to books and I felt whole again.
I haven't been reading that much but I finally finished the re-read for Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe and loved it, even more, the second time! I'll be posting a review later this month where I will beg everyone to go read it because it's wonderful and summery and so great you'll want to hug those characters and never let go.
I also re-read To All The Boys I've Loved Before. Tbh, I picked it up on Monday because the movie is coming out THIS MONTH! And I needed a catch up on Lara Jean before she hits the screen. It was so cute! Every time I read it, it's like I'm in high school again and I'm seventeen and carefree and young and can we talk about Peter Kavinsky for a second because he's just awwwww!! I'll be writing a sort of review when the movie comes out so I can shamelessly rave about this book and how great the movie will be. I'm low-key already in love with the movie even if I haven't seen it yet! 

A new read has been Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. With this book, I did something no book lover usually do, which is, watch the movie first. AAAAAGGGGHH!!! I know! I know! But it was on tv and I was having a nice family time and we all watched it with our mouths stuffed with popcorns and swimsuits on – it was June, way before my surgery when I was happy and not crying every two seconds – and I bloody loved it! So much that I decided to run place an order on Amazon before the adverts ended.
Long story short – because I do have a review for the first book in series coming up soon – I loved the book even more! I won't say much about it but I low-key fell in love with Ethan and now I kinda think we're soulmates destined to be together – told you I spend way too much time on the Internet fantasizing about fictional characters. Like, get a life already!

Anyway, that's it. The bad and the good of July. Now, I do really hope August has really fun plans for me because I missed out on last month so I think I deserve a do-over, okay? If not, then September should step in very fast because at least I won't be sweating this much and I can finally wear my beloved sweaters. You can't deprive a girl of her long sleeve sweaters and her bobble hat, alright?

As usual, lemme know what you've been doing this month and if you read something, please don't forget to send me your recommendations, I'm always on the hunt for those!