September goals - finding my way back into writing

This is how it usually goes: I start something new, I get excited and give it my full attention. Then, when things don't go as planned - or as my mind imagined - or they just take a while to happen, I raise my white flag out of the window and shout forfeit.

That is exactly why I haven't been working on my novel since April.

I started writing my first novel back in November ( so it's been a year in two months! WHAT?) and I was so excited for multiple reasons: (1) I was actually doing something instead of scrolling through Instagram without a reason; (2) I was making lots of new friends thanks to our common passion in writing and (3) I was actually working towards my life goal, you know, the one you've been wanting to work on for years but couldn't because school/work/lack of time/lack of self-confidence/lots of doubts.

Writing my first 50k was insane. 
I felt so accomplished and a badass! I even finished a week before NaNoWriMo ended! Who am I? Reaching that crazy number of words was hard but I did it and for the first time in forever (I hear you singing, ya know?) I felt so proud of myself for not giving up whenever I felt like doing just that.
I wrote and wrote and wrote and at the end of it, my brain didn't even function anymore, I didn't know how to spell things, how to talk, how to word but I felt so great but I needed a break.

And then, the inevitable happened.
I took what it was supposed to be a month break but turned out to be a three months break. I fell into that whole, folks. I was so tired and I think it was more the fact that I knew what I was about to get into - the sleepless nights, the staying home, the sitting on a chair for hours! - that I was scared, I guess, to repeat it but when CampNaNo opened, I jumped right into it and wrote another 50k.
So, as of now, my novel is currently more than 100k words long and I haven't even finished. 

Fast forward to today.
I've printed out all the pages (because I'm constantly leaving in fear that someday I'll be opening the Word doc and find nothing but an empty space where my hopes and dreams are going to die. It happened, folks. Always have a backup!) and I'm this close to the end.

I'm so excited to finish this novel, you guys! I can't wait to polish it up and finally send it to agents and hoping for the best!
It does need a lot of editing and re-writing but I'm focusing on the grand finale right now, that will come later, December, maybe?

Now I do have lots of other goals I really want to accomplish this month before it ends, so let's dive right into them, shall we?

  • finish writing novel numero uno
  • make some art to put on my freshly painted green wall
  • organize an autumn capsule wardrobe
  • get through my TBR, ffs!
  • listen to more podcasts instead of watching YT videos whenever I'm bored
  • start working out - again.