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Writer, book blogger, tea drinker, late night snacker.
Professional cryer who spends way too much time online, eating books for breakfast.

Basically, your bookish best bud.

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Goodbye Enrique Iglesias. It's time to get cosy.

I have to be honest here and say that I rarely listen to pop music. Yes, the whole Taylor Swift's Reputation is still on my playlist and I did dance my butt off to Girls Like You by Maroon 5 but you won't ever find me listening to those songs in the quite of my home or while I'm writing or basically in any situation that doesn't involve a DJ.
 I like what I like and if what I like happens to be soft, cathartic, indie music that helps me feel more deeply than I do already, then you're welcome because if you're exactly like me, you're gonna love today's post.
This playlist has been created with Autumn feels in mind. 
So imagine leaves falling, turning red and yellow and crispy while you're walking in the streets of a pretty little town where there are Autumn festivals, endless pumpkin fields and pumpkin spice lattes to last you for days. 
It is time to light all your Christmas lights, burn some nice candles and make some tea before you get to rest on your sofa – maybe with a book? - and enjoying the rain outside and the music in your heart.

·armchairs – anrew bird 
·small hands – keaton henson 
·man of war – radiohead 
·you don't own me – lesley gore 
·hollywood – grouplove 
·shameful company – rainbow kitten surprise 
·alright – keaton henson 
·turning page – sleeping at last 
·weapons – hudson taylor 
·cologne – haux 

I hope you enjoyed this playlist and that you're having a nice - and warm - start of the season!  Tell me all about the music you like and definitely comment below with your recommendations!


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