Oh, April.
I'm gonna be honest here and say that although I'm looking forward to some sun and brighter days, I could also sleep for the entire month and call it a day. Just like that.

But like every new season, I do have some goals to work on and things I really want to accomplish, before the operation I'm having in June.
So grab a snack, something to drink and keep on reading!

get more creative
I'm currently trying so hard to finish writing this novel, so technically, I'm being creative all the time but that's not enough for me. Growing up I've always been interested in all things diy, from drawing to creating stuff out of nothing and I'd really love to keep doing that.
I'm really enjoying blackout poetry atm, as a creative way to express myself and my feelings and my creativity when it comes to writing, so I need more of that.

finish writing my first novel
 Writing a novel is hard, people, lemme tell ya! I started writing this story back in November for #NaNoWriMo and got pretty excited about it but then things happened - you can read all about it here and here - and I never got to finish that. Since it's #CampNaNoWriMo this month, I'm trying my best to write every single day to reach the finish line at 100k which is pretty fair but I know already I will write more than that so I can slap myself in the face once I start editing.

every other day.
It's currently impossible for me to hit the gym daily since I'm writing a novel and blogging and doing other stuff on the side but I've come to realise that the gym is not what I always thought it would be, you know? That hell of a place where they make you run and run and you pray all the gods for a quick death. Nope. Right now the gym is that hour I dedicate to myself, my well-being, my sort of distraction from everything else. Being a writer means that you're at your desk basically all day, so you need to move and the gym is that time where I don't think about anything else but myself.
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, you know what I mean?

get out of bed before 10:30
Look, I'm a night owl, I don't sleep, I write all day, I edit, I blog, I research, I also eat, occasionally, I need those extra hours in the morning, okay?
But also, I'm really trying hard not to wake up late because there's just so much stuff I can do in the a.m. it's crazy how I dedicate those hours to sleep.
Before you ask, no, coffee doesn't work on me, but I'm trying to go to bed a bit earlier instead of turning the light off at 2 in the morning.

read before bedtime
I read all the time but I can't do it before going to sleep. I need to check my editorial calendar and answer e-mails and check on some friends and talk to people on Twitter, all this before going to bed which is totally wrong! I always end up watching Netflix on my laptop until 3 anyway so I think it's better to just read and hit the pillow as soon as I'm feeling sleepy.
Books in bed and no Internet allowed.
That's my new mantra.
I should put it on a t-shirt or something...

Here it is, my list of things to accomplish this month!
If you too have stuff you really want to change or try or do, let me know!
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