Some things never change.
One day you're ready to tackle your TBR and the next you just buy more books just cause.
But I feel overwhelmed by the number of books that come out every week and I don't need to buy them all but somehow I do and #UGH

What really frustrates me is that every time I order books, I always forget to pick up those I've been meaning to read like, forever! How does it happen ALL. THE. TIME?

Anyway, enough rumbling, here are the books I really want to read (now, go ahead and scream at me, if you like.)

A Court of Mist and Fury
When they say "looks could kill"
I see you, judging me and looking at me like I'm some sort of pity case, just don't, okay? I know I'm late to the game and I know these books are so good but listen, I'm no fan of fantasy and yes, I know this is more YA (not really, tho, those steamy sexy scenes are everywhere!) and I also know that they are addicting but since finishing ACOTAR I just stopped. 
I also know I shouldn't be falling for Tamlin (that old bastard!) but let me leave that "WHAAAAAT?" moment alone, please, no spoilers.

Simon Vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda
Scream as much as you want, I can't hear you! Look, I know it's good and I know I WILL fall in love with this book and the movie is already out and everything but I didn't have the chance to get it and enjoy it for the very first time.
I hate reading super hyped books and this was one of them when it came out. I'm always late to the game but I will definitely read it and then go watch the movie, okay? Great.

The Secret History
I've been wanting to read this by Donna Tart for a very long time but I always forget to pick it up. Some say it's the best Tartt book, I still don't know but I'm very intrigued by the plot and I've heard amazing things about it! Also, I'm low-key obsessed with the cover and I already know it'll be all over my Instagram feed. #bookstagramobsessed

They Both Die at the End
or any Adam Silvera book, tbh. Adam is one of those people you follow on Twitter and immediately want to be his best mate, I mean it! He's so lovely and great and I know his books are great too but I never had the chance to read them, yet. Also, as I'm writing this he announced the cover for the book he's writing with Becky Albertalli and OMG! It's SO COOL I wanna read that too!

I know I have a lot more books I really want to read but I guess these are my top 4 atm. The thing is, so many great books are coming out lately and I feel like I need to read them all when in reality, I can do whatever I want without the pressure of writing a book review ASAP because otherwise, it'll run out of date. That is so wrong! That is why I really want to read these books, just for the sake of it, for fun, you know?

Have you already read these books? How did you find them? I know I will absolutely love them and I'm really excited to dive into one of these asap! Also, what are your most anticipated books right now? I'm kinda waiting for I was born for this by Alice Oseman!