Dark, haunted, fun reads for the basic witch

While I'm sitting here writing this, I'm thinking of hot summer nights, sand in my hair, a pretty bad burn - because let's be honest, that happens all the time - summer camps, sunny days, an awful tan that doesn't smell like raw meat... ya feel me?

The reality of this is way far for being true, my friends because although it's April and I live in south Italy - where the weather is always nice, they say trying to sell you lies - it's actually raining and you cannot see a palm from your nose if you don't squint enough and even then, you're as blind as a bat and it's not even your fault.

I love this kind of weather when you've been sweating three months non-stop, wearing very questionable choices of clothing just because little fabric is always better than no fabric at all, even if it's boiling hot outside and you don't do well with that kinda weather. Then yes, I love rainy days after very hot ones but gloomy days when you've been bundled up in chunky knits and a mountain of blankets all winter, a little bit of sun and warmth it's all I'm asking for.

Kinda delusional but still. So I thought why not write about all those dark, fall-aesthetic books I've been obsessed with over these past years and that I've never had the chance to talk about? No need for an answer, really, that's basically what's happening today on the blog, so take it or leave it, folks!
Also, excuse me while this post turns into some kind of a sappy one but I'm currently listening to James Bay, you know, seems pretty fair.

If you don't know already, I love stories that have a new age spin to it: a tarot card reading? Sign me up. Black cats that look suspicious? Where can I get one? Ghosts? Only the good kind. Haunted forests? I'm moving in! Secret societies that require killings, sacrifices - the human kind - and that are obsessed with ancient languages? Carpe diem! So you know the kinda vibe I tend to go for when I'm browsing bookstores, or more conveniently, the Internet.
If you like that genre too, then keep on reading, you might find your next favourite book!

Let's start off with the last book I've read, which was phenomenal and absolutely incredible: The Devouring Gray tarot readings, teenagers with weird and dark powers they can only get after a ritual, a freaking ritual! Also, something deadly and dark and scary lurks in the forest that surrounds Four Paths, and then more... bi characters (can I get a hallelujah?) family secrets, dead people who come back? I mean, this book has it all! And let's not forget, this is Christine Lynn Herman debut novel and feels like she's been doing this for years! So good and haunting and just perfect.
(The Devouring Gray is already out in the US and it comes out on April 16th in the UK so keep your eyes peeled for that! Also, I'm taking part in the Instagram Tour for the release with Titan Books so watch this space)

Now, I don't really know how to process my feelings about this book series but I'm out of words for how perfect and original and wonderfully written The Raven Cycle is. But seriously, it's the perfect read for when it's chilly outside and you stay home with candles lit up and soft music and it's night outside and quite and you're reading books about ancient kings while a lovely ghost is keeping you company. Yup, I know it's quite the description but there's just so much more to it and you definitely need to pick the series up if you haven't already cause it's gonna take you for a crazy adventure - and has the cutest forbidden love. Also, can I move inside the Sargents house? 300 Fox Way, I'm coming for ya!

There is nothing that thrills me more than finding a book that almost nobody has read and loving it wanting to share it everywhere with everyone. Seriously. That's the case for A Certain Slant of Light by Laura Whitcomb. It's a ghost story but it's not the usual ghost story we're all familiar with. It's about Helen, a girl that has been haunting people for 130 years until one day a teenage boy can actually see her and together they try to understand her past and what has happened to her. This book is sad and lovely and beautifully written - can you tell I have a thing for beautiful writing? - and a very shocking ending. The romance in this book is just to die for - no pun intended, maybe - the plot is compelling and dramatic and you need to get on board with this book because it's honestly so good!
Warning: you will go through packs of sticky notes in no time, I'm telling you!
Bodies with souls in them are solid, like a beam in a house. And bodies that are empty make a very small vibration, the way the wind can blow past the gutter on the roof and make the rain pipe hoot like an owl.

We're at the end of this post and I couldn't leave you without mentioning this beautiful work of art.
Set in Vermont, The Secret History tells the story of a group of clever misfits, obsessed with the Greeks and their way of living to the point where they become obsessive and murderous.
If you loved Dead Poet's Society and Kill Your Darlings then you will have no problem at all, diving into this glorious thriller that will haunt you from beginning to end. Also, all the characters are amazing and you won't be able to pick just one. Absolutely remarkable.

This is it, my top pics whenever you need a dark/haunting/creepy/new age fix. I really hope you found something to your taste and if you've read any of these books then, what did you think?