The Morning Walk

There is something quite liberating in walks. I'm so used to walk whenever I need to go somewhere, to meet a friend or run some errands but never really took a walk just for the sake of it. I always wait for the perfect weather, that's my excuse. If it's too hot you will never see me walking in the city on purpose. Why do I have to get hot and sweaty when cars are equipped with air-con that keeps you fresh and cool even when it feels like walking in a fire? I mean, c'mon, you know me better than that!

But lately, since the days are way cooler than a few weeks ago, I feel like taking a walk in the morning is what my brain needs. It's never about where I have to go. It's more about where my feet take me. And lately, maybe because they know they will be walking foreign ground very soon, they took me places I haven't visited in a very long time. Armed with the most comfortable shoes, a denim jacket and my mom - because why not! - I got out of the house and just walked.

I'm not gonna lie, I'm kinda mad at this weather. I couldn't wait for it to be freezing cold but it's always so sunny all the time, I can count the times it has rained on my fingers and I just want more Autumny feels. But this hasn't stopped me from wandering around. 

The city I was born and raised in, offers plenty of gothic beauties and you know me and my gothic obsession, right? We went to the Public Gardens and found an old man there, who was sitting on a bench hidden from direct sunlight, reading a book surrounded by bushes of pretty baby blue flowers and bright yellow butterflies. It looked like a dream. Obviously, I got so jealous! 

But this place is so important to me. When I was born, my old house was right in front of the old main entrance - which I will visit on my next walk, for sure! - and my dad used to take me there almost every weekend with my little bike and he taught me to ride it. It was also the place I used to go with my school mates whenever we didn't feel like going to school and all we did was taking silly pictures or laying on the grass. 

We then continued our walk outside, on the hunt for the next pretty sight and good god, the city delivered. I rarely look at what surrounds me whenever I'm in the car, obviously, so walking around the city with my eyes opened wide is definitely something else.

Now I'm really looking forward to my morning walks, as they really do something to me. It's great for my anxiety because it really makes me focus on the moment and not think about all the what if's and the why that often trigger my panic attacks. I'm also super inspired to create new things and dip my toes into different and kinda scary waters. One thing I know for sure, is that I'm making an effort to do things that make me feel good, putting my mental health first, especially these days where I'm always anxious about everything and I also found that walking in the morning makes me sleep better because I'm more tired so instead of working past my bedtime, I get so sleepy I basically can't even watch a full movie!

But boy, it feels so good.

  1. Wow those are some really scenic pictures. I would love to talk a walk there as well.