The New, Updated Bookshelves.

I've been waiting for this moment for weeks and now I can finally show you! I've decided that, since I'm still here, I would change things up a little to have a new POV and start with my beloved books.

I feel like no home could be called that if it hasn't books in it. It's like having photos everywhere around the house; books remind you of where you have been, how you felt and give you that sense of being home. For a bookish lover, this feeling is essential.

I kid you not, taking down the old layout was a pain - in the ass and my heart. I loved that layout, being able to have all my books displayed in one place was a dream of mine and since I can't have my own library - not yet! - I wanted to create mine, of some sorts.

I lived with books on the floor for weeks, I couldn't take pictures of them for the good old gram and I couldn't look at that spot in my room, it was so messy and my brain wanted to escape fast and forever.

Can you see how messy I lived for weeks? It took every ounce of me to finally decide to put these pictures up on the blog because I'm not a messy person at all and just seeing how it was, it makes me wanna rip my hair out! haha! jk. Maybe. It's unbelievable the difference it can make a good clean and a new layout. Obviously, these are not all the books I have, don't be fooled, folks. I have a lot more living on my desk, both recently read and TBR but I like to separate the two so now my desk is a sea of perfectly organized chaos. But that's for another time.

The main focus was, yeah obviously books but I also wanted to display my plants which, I think, give the space that je ne sais quoi that I really love. Also, random knickknacks are a must for me! I love to collect stuff, I think a house is never fully finished if it doesn't have random trinkets here and there like old cameras or candles or memorabilia. You know those lab-white perfectly curated houses with parquet that look like straight out of a magazine? Well, that ain't for me. I want stuff around me, letters, pictures, dried flowers and herbs hanging from the ceiling, basically, a witch house where all the furniture is mismatched and smells like burnt candles. That's my ideal home and even if, yes, these walls are white, I am planning on painting them all navy blue. I also have a dark green wall on the other side of the room so it's a good balance, for now. If you watched A Discovery of Witches or any other witchy movie, then you know what I'm talking about. The vibe I want to go for in my bedroom - while I'm still in this house - is basically a copy of Sabrina Spellman's bedroom in CAOS. 
If you know, you know.
Obviously, as the new layout allowed me that, I went a little bit crazy on the colour-coordination. I know, I know, it's mad, it is, but it looks so aesthetically pleasing I just couldn't resist. Obviously, the question is: where do I put all the other books I currently have on my desk? Well, if it makes you feel better, I do have a lot more shelves ready to be put up on the other side of the wall but I'm waiting until I have enough books to fill all the spaces. The floor is pretty comfortable, for now. That's what they say, anyway.