Happy Sunday, folks! Are you sad that spooky season is over already or is it just me?

01. thankfully, I have my weekly Nancy Drew fix to keep me spooky and slightly terrified - okay, ABSOLUTELY terrified! The show is so good! It's definitely creepy - hello ghosts appearing from bloody nowhere! - and fun and heartbreaking too. Highly recommend planning a binge!

02. I've started listening to podcasts recently to the point where it has become a routine, especially in the morning when I'm getting ready or doing some house chores. I usually put "My Dad Wrote A Porno" on and laugh my way around the house like a madwoman. "Jules and Sarah Podcast" is a fun one too!

03. it's finally - FINALLY! - sweater weather season and I couldn't be more thilled! Now I can actually wear my favourite clothes without turning into a puddle of sweat and if that's not the ultimate dream, I don't know what is.

04.  Vlogtober had to make an appearance since I wait for it all year long, almost like a holiday. There's something quite relaxing in following people as they go along with their day, doing mundane stuff.  My number one favourite is who I think is the Vlogtober Queen, Jess but I also love Helen Anderson all year round!

05. I started walking almost every morning to take care of myself and my mental health and now I'm addicted to it. It has made me feel better within myself, it made me look forward to something each day and it also improved my anxiety and my sleeping habits. Now I can't even finish a movie without falling asleep 20 minutes in. What a blessing.

Hope this weekend will bring you some relaxing time and well-deserved catch-ups with friends and family. Maybe binge a tv show, too!