February TBR & Book Club Pick

I think I'm expressing everyone's feelings when I say: how is it February already?

It feels like yesterday that I was wearing my reindeer socks and basking in the Christmas lights, instead, we're already head to toe into the new year. Wicked.

As I'm writing this, I'm struggling with the most revolting, annoying reading slump ever and I don't know about you but I think this third lockdown really played a number on me that lockdown one and two spared me from.

The thing is, I'm done. I'm done working out - although my back really should use some stretching - I'm done catching up on friends, I'm done getting dressed and get things done. All I want to do is lay in bed, with my warmest pyjamas on, marathon a series or two hundred and nothing else.
This is basically me making excuses to why I haven't read as much and why this month's TBR is not that exciting. But alas, we digress.

The goals is to find a book that could potentially get me out of the woods - aka reading slump - so here it is:

  1. Kant's Little Prussian Head & Other Reasons Why I write by Claire Messud (currently reading)
  2. Born to be Mild by Rob Temple
Now, since I don't really have that much faith in either of these books, I'm trusting my Book Club pick to succeed where others will eventually fail. 

February's Book Club Pick is The Bellwether Revivals by Benjamin Wood!

The Bellwether Revivals

Bright, bookish Oscar Lowe has made a life for himself amid the colleges and spires of Cambridge and yet is a world apart from the students who study in the hallowed halls. He has come to love the quiet routine of his job as a care assistant at a nursing home, where he has forged a close relationship with its most ill-tempered resident, Dr Paulsen. 
But when Oscar is lured into the chapel at King’s College by the ethereal sound of an organ, he meets and falls in love with Iris Bellwether, a beautiful and enigmatic medical student. He follows her into a world of scholarship, wealth, and privilege, and soon becomes embroiled in the machinations of her older brother, Eden. 
A charismatic but troubled musical prodigy, Eden persuades his sister and their close-knit circle of friends into a series of disturbing experiments. He believes that music — with his unique talent to guide it — has the power to cure, and will stop at nothing to prove himself right. As the line between genius and madness blurs, Oscar fears the danger that could await them all.