The Furies by Katie Lowe & Giveaway!


You'd kill to be one of them.

When I selected The Furies for the Book Club, I knew it was a lot of people's favourite, but I had no idea it would become one of my favourites too. 

When Violet's world fell upside down after the death of her dad and sister, she gets a new chance at life the moment becomes a new student at Elm Hollow Academy, an all-girls school which hides far more than it shows.

Violet is quite an artistic person, smart and unique in her thoughts, this is why her art teacher, Annabel, invites her to an exclusive  - and secret - club where she meets Robin, Alex and Grace. For her, the need to belong somewhere, with someone is quite devastating, and when she gets into this clique, she'll do anything to fit in, to be one of them, even if it means going against her believes and morals.

The question is "how far would you go to feel like you belong'" and the answer is pretty darn far, almost reaching rock bottom, especially as the school's secret history is drenched in magic and witchcraft and the girls become every day more obsessed with it.

But it's only when Violet starts figuring out who they really are that things go south, bringing us on a fast-paced journey into even more secrets, dead girls and murder.
“In the face of murder, all life seems thrilling, all chaos and potential.”

The Furies is a modern take on witchcraft and feminism, where women have the upper hand and the power to challenge and defeat toxic masculinity. It's an ode to women's power, from mythology to art and history, giving the reader the knowledge and believes that women are not the weaker sex, that we are powerful, and strong and can take down an entire village if needed.

But this book was so much more. It's about friendships and heartbreak and the need to become one with oneself. It's the constant battle between what's right and wrong, and what we're willing to do to reach our goals, to belong.

It's the perfect mix of teenage angst and #girlpower, as well as clever references to myths and arts and a good sprinkle of dark magic - and creepy secrets and revelations - along the way.

It's highly addictive and dangerously poisonous. A brilliant debut!

You can win a copy of The Furies straight from the author, Katie Lowe!

I wanted to post this on time for one of you to read it alongside the Book Club but the Katie contacted me about this awesome opportunity and I couldn't say no (plus, with everything that is going on in the world, parcels are taking their sweet time anyway, ugh!) 

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know what you do but I also wanted to make it official and reach as many readers as possible, so here I am, posting about it way too late but I really hope you can enjoy it anyway.

All you have to do for a chance to win a copy of The Furies straight from Katie Lowe's personal library, is this:
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It's that simple, really! You can decide which picture to share on your story and under which one to leave your comment and then luck will do its thing!

I really hope you get to enjoy this book alone, I know for sure I will absolutely re-read it soon!

The Furies

In 1998, a sixteen-year-old girl is found dead on school property, dressed in white and posed on a swing, with no known cause of death. The novel opens with this image, as related to us by the narrator, Violet, looking back on the night it happened from the present day, before returning to relate the series of events leading up to the girl’s murder. 
After an accident involving her Dad and sister, Violet joins Elm Hollow Academy, a private girls school in a quiet coastal town, which has an unpleasant history as the site of famous 17th century witch trials. Violet quickly finds herself invited to become the fourth member of an advanced study group, alongside Robin, Grace, and Alex - led by their charismatic art teacher, Annabel. 
While Annabel claims her classes aren’t related to ancient rites and rituals - warning the girls off the topic, describing it as little more than mythology - the girls start to believe that magic is real, and that they can harness it. But when the body of a former member of the society - Robin’s best friend, with whom Violet shares an uncanny resemblance - is found dead on campus nine months after she disappeared, Violet begins to wonder whether she can trust her friends, teachers, or even herself.