March Goals 2021


Another month, another chance to give up on whatever goal we've set up for the new year.

With every month coming to an end, and the year being a total shit show, grows the need to feel ever so slightly accomplished so we give ourselves unrealistic goals to reach by the end of the month, only to feel disappointed when we realize it's the last day and we're still on square one. Ya feel me?

This year I wanted to make things easy, which doesn't necessarily mean playing it safe, but actually giving myself goals I know I will complete. Obviously, things change throughout the months, so I'm really not that focused on the bigger picture, but more on taking a few steps towards the ultimate goal, instead of diving head-on.

We've been blessed with gorgeous sunny days here in Italy, which gave me the energy I had lost during the colder months - which are still my favourite but after a while, rainy and gloomy days make me really grumpy and lazy.

This means I'm excited to do more, try new things, be more positive towards whatever is ahead and come up with new routines to make my day a tiny bit better, especially because we're still in a pandemic and leaving the house is pretty much war zone.


  1. Read more. I've already shared my TBR for this month and I'm happy to say that I'm doing a good job at sticking with my reading habits. I get distracted quite often, especially on the Internet where there are always so many things happening all at once and I find myself sucked in until late in the evening, so choosing a book is quite the struggle. Knowing that, I'm now trying to get my reading done first thing in the morning. I'm waking up a bit earlier than usual so I can take my time drinking ginseng while reading my book in bed. Bliss.
  2. Less screen time. This goes hand in hand with the previous goal, but I'm really trying to spend less time looking at a screen whether it's my laptop or phone. Obviously, I'm quite addicted to my phone, especially because I'm a chatter and I absolutely love texting friends and do the occasional Instagram scrolling so it's not easy but I'm taking days off now. Sometimes I don't even turn my laptop on and put my phone on do not disturb mode so I don't have the constant temptation to use it. Sorry, friends.
  3. Work on my health (both physical and mental). Quarantine has really played a number on me, and if I was the only person working during the first lockdown - because I refused to wear joggers and lay in bed all day long - I've now become quite the slob I tried so hard to avoid. I'm eating at weird hours of the day, drinking way too much caffeine (and way too little water), consuming all the junk food whilst on my laptop, earning nothing more than scoliosis. Oh, being twenty-eight, right? 
  4. And finally, work on new business ventures. If 2020 taught us anything, is that the Internet is a wonderful asset. A lot of people found themselves without a job, whilst everyone else who decided to start an online business thrived. I do have an awfully long list of things I want to do, but for now, I don't want to jinx it, I'm taking my time to think it through, to see what could work and in the meantime, polish off my writing projects - which have been long forgotten. Damn Internet.

So here it is, my not so overwhelming goals for March. To be honest, I'm quite excited to give my sedentary life a bit of structure, so I can actually get things done and not watch Youtube for hours.

What's on your list?