April TBR (this time I shop my unread bookshelf)


Here we are again, eight books in - 42 still to go and behind by 4 books - and excited to get the party started (figuratively, of course! I ain't going anywhere) and see where April books will take me.

I know, I'm way behind on my reading challenge (which you can check out on my Storygraph) but I'm basically betting all my money on my Summer reads when I'll have so much free time and nowhere to go that I will actually read books for breakfast out of boredom.

I'm mostly behind because I've had that little moment where I couldn't be bothered to read anything that wasn't my daily horoscope so now I have to make up for it, four books at a time.

If you've been following me on Instagram or Twitter (shameless plug here cause I don't know how else to ask to go check my aesthetically pleasing feed, if I say so myself) then you know how chuffed I was after sneaking a fifth book into my March reading list. So I'm hoping for the same luck this month, you know, with Easter week already looking as flat as my dating life.

I've been browsing my unread shelf this time, with only one new book - which I'm so excited about! - mainly because I keep staring at it (or is it the other way around?) and I keep promising myself to get to it instead of always reaching out for the new, shinier toy - aka new releases - so this is what I'm doing and to be honest, it does make me feel good inside.


Starting off with the new one that my absolute dream team at Little Brown sent me a few days ago, Friends by Robin Dunbar. I'm quite obsessed with books about friendships, I think literature often focuses on romantic relationships and never really gives friends the place they deserve on the podium. 

I've read Big Friendship last summer and I couldn't believe the difference it made in my life, the knowledge it gave me and a new POV from which I could look at the people in my life and evaluate their presence. I'm really excited to dive into it and a bit scared at the same time because it's a non-fiction read, a study of friendships explained by a psychologist so it will be different but hopefully insightful (as well as a bloody long one!).

Second on the list is one I'm sure I will absolutely enjoy, not only for the relatability factor but also because it's a diverse book on identity, growing up and into ourselves and one for a good laugh! The Private Joys of Nnenna Maloney by Okechukwu Nzelu is definitely going to be one of my favourites, I can already tell.

Following the same sort of "different pattern", I'm also picking up Bestiary by K-Ming Chang. I already started it but had to pause as my reading slump couldn't be asked, I'm now super excited to dive back into it as it's so beautifully written and has that sense of magic that surrounds Asian traditions and legends that always lure me in. Also, it has a drawing of a girl dressed in animal print and with a tail. A tail! An absolute stunner!

And finally, as we're coming to an end, I've decided to keep fulfilling my horror/folkloristic/creepy needs I clearly still have from last October - one can never have enough of Halloween, am I right? - and pick Christina Henry's The Ghost Tree

I've had so. much. fun. reading The Twisted Ones in March - and I'm still thinking about how creepy and hilarious it was! - so hopefully, this one will not disappoint.

Obviously, I'm still open to the idea of sneaking in another book into the mix once I'm finished with my official TBR, so I was wondering, which book would you recommend? Old or new, it doesn't matter, I'm fully open to your suggestions!


Just in case you forgot, the Deadly Elit Book Club is running bi-monthly so you still have time to finish The Bellwether Revivals in April! Hopefully, you're all enjoying it as much as I did, because oooffff that book is bloody glorious!