July Favourites

It's finally that time of the month where I get to talk about my favourite things. Whoohoo!
I feel like I always try to take notes about what I love but I never do so this post might take a while but I promise it's going to be fun. 

As usual, I do have a random mix of things I really did enjoy and I did my best to put them into categories so you can skip to whatever you fancy the most at the moment but I really hope you read this post from start to finish because there are some great gems in here.

But let's start with what I feel like is my new obsession right now...
I've spent a lot of time figuring out how I could do things better on the platform and while I did that - and took some inspiration along the way - I found some amazing people doing amazing stuff, creating new, original content and I really wanted to share their accounts with you all.

Starting with my favourite human Bronte. 

Bee is definitely one of those people that always surprise me. Her creativity is beyond me, and the hard work she (and her lovely mum) puts to make every picture stand out, is impressive. She's currently working on this awesome project where every month she tells a story based on her pictures and can I just say, this is the most original thing I've ever seen on the Internet! I'm constantly having a laugh with her and if you're in for some feminist, kick-ass content, she's your gal.
She also has a Book Club - Girls Who Can Book Club - where you can find feminist books and GRL PWR to the max! Love. Her.
Check out her lovely blog - From Bee With Love - her Instagram and the Book Club. Oh, also, you know I'm always down for promoting lovely people doing amazing things, so if you want - and you can - check out her Patreon page where she gives Instagram tips and more useful content!

I stumbled upon Lara's Instagram account because I needed a witchy book recommendation and I never looked back since!
Her feed is basically Autumn in pictures and I'm always happy to give her a like - or a billion! - on her posts because they are always so perfectly curated and beautiful that I just can't stop. Her stories are really lovely too and I always find myself replying to her because I relate so much! I think we might be twins haha!
Soft colours, her feed feels like being stuck in a witchy forest but not a creepy one, the kind you definitely want to stay in and grow flowers out of nowhere and run around barefeet with the most adorable white, lacy, flowty dresses. I stan.

Check her Bookstagram and forget about life.        
Before you all roll your eyes and say "here's another one obsessed with Stranger Things" I need to come clean and confess that I haven't watched it. Yet. I am planning to - obviously, - but I haven't mainly because I can't deal with everyone's hype.
Okay, now that things are clear let me start this rumble by saying that I haven't watched any major movie this month. I know, I know. The Lion King came out and Alladin and all that good stuff but I'm not a movie kinda person and I do much prefer actually going to the cinema and dig my nails into an XXL bag of popcorns but I haven't had the chance to go so I'm gonna talk about all the tv I watched. Which is a lot.
Starting off with the new season of Younger! OMG! So. Flippin'. Good!!! I've been patiently waiting until new episodes come out every week but I can't contain my excitement! One of my favourites shows for sure and fingers crossed, this season I will have my main ship back and we're soooo close to ending things with Charles! If you have no idea of what I'm talking about, you just should watch the show so we can chat about it! I'm obsessed! This season is so good!!!!

THE 100 season 6
Okay, things are looking creepy this year and very "Get Out!" style and I'm HERE FOR IT! I can't believe I was so reluctant to start this series years ago because I hate sci-fi but it's honestly so much fun and so action-packed! Is this the year when Clarke and Bellamy realize they do have feelings for each other?? Because I've been waiting 85 years - *insert Titanic reference here*
But I guess we did have our own private little Bellarke moment since Lyza Taylor and Bob Morley got married! WHAT! I know, I'm shook too.
Every time I watch the show, especially new seasons, I wonder who my favourite character is going to be and although IƬve had my few share of YASSSS moments here and there, I always go back to my top 3: Octavia, Murphy and Bellamy. Also, can Murphy and Raven be together already, ffs!

Now, hear me out on this. I have mixed feelings about the show. Everyone seems to absolutely love it but I just can't really understand Annie, the main character. Sometimes I'm like YAS, GIRL! And then I really wanna slap her face because she's being selfish and like, the fact that she takes in her own hands the fat-shame issue it doesn't mean that she has to be so disrespectful. I get it, you hate your boss then find another job, start a fucking blog, don't take it personally every single time! But maybe that is why people love her because she's real and makes mistakes and yes, I can understand that now - maybe that s why I love it, too. I'm trying to watch one episode every week because otherwise, I would just finish the whole thing in 10 minutes.
Do you have the same feelings about Annie or is it just me?
I've been browsing the Internet a lot more recently - because I need inspiration for my articles - and there are so many creative people out there that I, sometimes, feel overwhelmed and a little bit bad about myself because I could do so much more instead of indulging in Rom-Coms and writing about them. Anyway, since we're here talking about my faves, lemme just talk to you about two women that I'm currently stalking online - in a good, I want more way.

Oh, Sarah. Dear ray of sunshine. I'm OBSESSED with her stories and I'm not even joking, I watch them every single morning as I wake up because she puts me in a very good, cheery mood with her Goodmooooooorning!
She's such a power-woman too! She's all about celebrating ourselves and pushes her followers to be the best version of ourselves. Her articles are so spot-on and funny and bloody hilarious! She has a column with Red Online where she writes about her daily adventures - which are mostly about food, dresses, and random conversations with people that makes it all even funnier! She also has TWO! podcasts with lovely Jules Von Hep - Jules and Sarah the Podcast and Wobble, a podcast all about body confidence and happiness. There is one in particular that always has me laughing on the floor with huge tears in my eyes and a good "she's fucking weird" look on my mum's face. Brilliant Babes.

While I feel like everyone in the Book Community started watching PolandBanana - aka Christine Riccio - I, on the other end, started my bookish journey watching Ariel.
Her videos always give me so much energy and inspiration and whenever I need that work work work work mojo back, she's the one to go to.
But not only that, she's another one of those crazy creative people that really make an impact - at least on me - and leaves me inspired. She's the creator behind The Reading Rush - former Booktubathon - and creates lovely, interesting documentaries on her Youtube channel. I'm in awe!
She also has a Patreon page with some pretty great content and I do really suggest you check it out. I'm not kidding when I tell you that the day she followed me back on Instagram was a very what the f**k moment for me!
And finally, books! Although while I'm writing this, my old friend reading slump is visiting - hopefully not planning to stay for long - so I'm really struggling to read anything really. But if you've read my June books post then you're all caught up with all my most recent reads. It was hard to pick a favourite this month because I feel like all the books I've read recently have been such good ones but we're here so we might as well talk about them.

The Secret History is such a masterpiece. If you have already read my review then you know how much I loved it and desperately waiting for a tv-show based on these events.
I mean, Donna Tartt has such a unique writing style, that je ne sais quoi that truly makes you feel inside the story and love everyone. Seriously. I just couldn't pick.
The ending was what really sold it to me as one of the greatest books of all times. She's a genius! She has a novel published every 10 years or so and that novel becomes viral. How does she do that?
I would really like to know because I'm struggling to write my own book - and it's been more than a year now! - and at this pace, it will never see the light of day.

Anyway, if you're interested in it or you want to read it but not sure, you can check it out on Goodreads or, even better, read my review.

I feel like everyone- and their dogs! - knows how much I loved Normal People. I talked about it before but seriously, if you're still wondering if you should jump on the Sally Rooney bandwagon, I would say YES! If you're looking for a storyline, there is none but that doesn't have to keep you away from giving it a go, at all! What we follow is the lives of two people, Connell and Marianne as they change and fall in love and make bad choices and figure out who they are and what they want. As I've already said before, this book hit too close to home for me. I did see myself in Marianne at times, other times I really wanted to hug her and then scream at her to get a grip and stand up for herself. Connell on the other hand, reminded me so much of an old lover, the first one, the one who wants to be with you because yeah, sex is great but his reputation is more important and sneaks in your house at night and is all sweet and fun and then he pretends to not even know you whenever he's with other people. A douchebag. But there are aspects to Connell that made me want to also hug him - those rare, rare times - and I think this is what kept me glued to the pages. I read it in two days! I was obsessed with it, it has its sad moments and fun ones and some very sexy, sexy times. The sex! Oh boy! I love it when there's sex in books, you know, the kinda sex that feels real, without that Fifty Shades of bondage. I loved it! Absolutely brilliant.

I always feel like these kinds of posts end up being so. bloody. long! That is why I never do them because I need a whole week to write them and I do understand why people tend to do them in video form.
Okay, if you want me to drop a video on Youtube put your hands up! I've played with the idea for a while and I think that I might actually do it? Maybe? I don't know! What do we think? To tube or not to tube? That is the question!

 As usual, let me know what you've been loving recently, I love it when you guys give me recommendations so let's keep doing that, okay?