Taking a break.

The old Maril├╣ can't come to the phone. Oh, why? Because she's dead taking a break.

Being a blogger means that, while everything seems so cool and dandy, your brain works non-stop. One day you're taking pictures, then you're writing, then you're planning new content for December in July and suddenly you forget what it's like to have a break. Because you never do.

Well, although I'm definitely keeping my planner and content ideas spread by my side at all times, I've decided to take a little break this month. I found myself on the edge of burnout and constantly having anxiety for not being on time with the posting thing and honestly? I kinda grew tired of that. I almost gave up on writing because there was just so much to do every single day that I wasn't sure the game was worth the candle. That is why I'm switching off - not entirely but still, - and trying to have a nice, relaxing last month of Summer.

By switching off I mean that I won't be creating content for the blog in August but I will keep posting on Instagram and Twitter because I'm a social media addict, let's be honest here. 

Another reason why I'm taking my sweet time with this platform is that I'm trying to write and post articles every single day on Medium and that requires a lot of time and energy and I really want to give it a go and improve my writing skills. I've been really enjoying writing on that platform recently and I'm proud of some of my articles and I wanted to explore more and write better and share my pieces with people.

So yes, I won't be posting anything on this blog for the whole month but I'm always chatting away on Twitter and Instagram where I'm constantly updating you on my readings and whereabouts. I hope you're on board with that. Awesome things are coming and I can't wait to show you! But since then, I'll see you in September - when it's hopefully much cooler, I'll be wearing jumpers, lighting my candles and stop complaining about the weather.