September, a fresh start. I know I always say that but never do anything to actually change things so I thought sharing my goals for the new season on the blog would make me more accountable. Let's see how that goes...

I love setting new goals, especially for a new season and there's no secret here that Autumn is my favourite of them all so here I am, sharing them with you all. Maybe you will be inspired to do the same or in a more private way but either way, setting goals it's a good exercise for your brain to keep you focused and to not lose track of where you're going (or want to go.)

01. be more active
I used to hate P.E. when I was in school. I've never been an athletic person, yes, I was a dancer when I was a kid and I also went to the gym regularly but growing up I always hated it. The thing with exercise is that it has to be entertaining for me to actually enjoy it and it never was (except when my class took tennis lessons and I absolutely loved it!) so I never tried new ways that would have been fun for me. The only thing I liked about P.E. was the breathless run we had to perform as a warm-up and the fact that nobody was able to run 2 minutes without dying. I mentally challenged all my mates so while they stopped to take a breath, I kept running and it felt good. Now, I'm not a runner so I know that I should be careful but I'm really committing to it, to myself mostly, and go out for a 30 minutes run every morning when it's still dark outside (so nobody can see me) and hopefully, seems like the right thing to do to clear my head and start the day on a good note.

02. get out more
I feel like working non-stop and focusing on all my projects I have going on, leave me with no time to get out. I do enjoy staying home, especially now that it's cooling down, but I also love going for a walk in the city and now that there's a new cafè near me, I always imagine myself sitting there with my laptop and a cup of tea while it rains outside and I can't get this image out of my head. My friends are all away and while I'm planning on moving soon, I sometimes feel the need to get out and leave all my work at home and forget about it for a few hours. So I'm making a promise to myself to get out more (that morning run doesn't count!) even if it rains or snows or whatever and enjoy myself and the live in the moment. 

03. set my priorities straight
I love lists, I often find myself writing down all the things I need to do, all the projects I want to start, but I never make a list of my priorities so I never know where to start and end up doing nothing. Or very little. So, priority n°1: make a priority list. I really want to get back to writing my novel and finish it before the year ends (NaNoWriMo, I'm coming for ya!). I also want to make cool stuff for the book club that will be up and running in October (more on that very soon!) and I also want to take a leap and give my writing full attention. I always say I want to be a writer but I never actually take some time to work on it and I'm not 17 anymore when I used to stay up all night until the early hours of the next day (yes, it's really sad and don't make me think about it, please). Writing time is my priority right now.

04. experiment with my wardrobe
I'm kinda done being plain Jane, you know? Always keeping it safe and simple. I'm a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal and I love it, I love how simple it is but I also hate it because I don't get to experiment and that, for me, is the beauty of fashion. Experimenting with your clothes, with new ones and with what you already hate, reinventing a new wardrobe, reinventing yourself, could also be a way to grow up and bring change into your life. And I want that. Desperately. I feel like Autumn is the perfect season to do that because of the layers and all the colours - and let's be honest, I do ate summer clothes anyway. Experiment will be my new life motto.

04. take time to & for myself
Even though I try not to obsessively think about it, I am getting old. I celebrated my 27th birthday this year and even if I'm forever rocking my 17-year-old glow (the beauty of looking 10 years younger is both a blessing and a curse) my body doesn't. I already feel my bones aching and my skin is just not doing great atm. I also feel like, with age, you start to prioritize certain things and for me, right now, that thing is work and stability without forgetting that I have a body I need to take care of and a brain to nourish. I'm vowing to myself to take that good hour in the morning (after my run) and make a cup of tea while doing my skincare with no rush. I want to take my time when picking the clothes I wanna wear for the day and to blow dry my hair. I want that hour to be the moment I long for the whole day when I can relax before the world wakes up and starts rushing me from place to place, from anxiety to panic attacks, and apply my makeup with care. If this is not what we all should strive for, I don't know what is.