The Sunday Post 1

Blogs are back and they're here to stay! 

2019 has seen us diving more into Instagram with longer captions and almost blog-like posts but I have to be honest and tell you that as much as I love the platform, for me is all about the visual content I consume.

I'm interested in what people have to say if they're talking about books or something happening in the world, but the pictures always come first. I won't read the caption if I'm not stopped right there by the picture and I think a lot of us feel the same way.

Longer captions are not for me. I'd rather spend ten more minutes in bed on a Sunday morning, catching up with my favourite blogs than scrolling on Instagram non-stop. And apparently, people are starting to understand the power of blogs instead of wasting their time on longer captions - that nobody will read. I think this is also why the engagement is significantly lower. People want to see what you're up to and then read all about it on your blog. 

Take my friend Bronte, for example. She posts magnificent pictures that honestly speak for themselves and then write a caption that makes you want to read it and it's never that long. If she finds a topic she'd like to explore more, you will eventually find it on her blog where she dives deep into details. This is what I'm all about these days.

I never review books on Instagram because I feel like there is so much to say about a book, the details, the little things you appreciated and the ones you hated and I also never read them from others accounts. I like straight- forward captions that make me want to check out that book or that product and that assures me you have an in-depth post about it on your blog.

How do you feel about it?

A few January favourites...

January was a busy but really slow month for me. I think I can speak for everyone when I say we fell down the Winter Blues again. This month was kind of a reset/ get your shit together kinda month and although I do love me a good brainstorm session, I couldn't stop feeling a bit under the weather. 

With almost every tv show being on holiday break, I kinda lose my shit and didn't know what to watch - and also, because I spent the holidays being sick, I binged the hell out of every possible show, including You. But we all bookish people know that with a new year comes a new Goodreads Challenge so in hopes I won't fail at this one too, I picked up a book and then another and realized I've read three books already. 


My favourite book has to be Queen of Air and Darkness by Cassandra Clare. Obviously. I can't resist a good drama/ heartbreak/ fighting/ sassy novel, especially coming from Cassie Clare's world.


When it comes to music, I like to listen to the same songs on repeat, especially if I'm writing or I'm having a good morning chore session but this month I stepped outside my music bubble and listened to If the World Was Ending by Julia Michaels & JP Saxe as well as It Gets Better by Counterfeit. Two very different bops but equally good. Obviously, I'm not listening to anything else but these two on repeat. Classic.

Podcast/ Youtube

I'm kinda new to Podcasts but I do really get why people fancy them. Whenever you're not feeling like listening to music, put a podcast on and get on with your day. You laugh, you learn, you think. All this on your commute to work or on the train or while making your bed. Hell, even whilst in the bath, why not? I've been listening to The Unedited Podcast by Ollie B and obviously listened to EP.9 with Bronte (yes, I am in fact a fangirl) but also The Thrive Blogger Podcast by Bree Pair, finishing off with a good laugh with Jules and Sarah The Podcast by Jules Von Hep and Sarah Powell. I swear these two always make me bend with laughter. Highly recommend!

I'm a huge Youtube watcher, sometimes I do prefer it to movies or tv shows especially when I want to wind down and relax. Watching normal, real people doing their thing, even the most boring, ordinary chores, really make me feel better and so productive! My absolute favourite this month has been Wear I Live. I love New York City and I love the content Jenny makes and the topics she talks about like plant-based what I eat in a day or thrift hauls. I live for that shit, okay?

In conclusion...

January has been a slow month overall and nothing exciting really happened. It was a time for setting up the new year ahead, making plans, spending days on my laptop and coming up with new, exciting ideas. 

It has also been a time to reflect, to think about the past year, how to do things better, how to keep doing things that work, figure out what doesn't. I'm not gonna lie, it hasn't been the best financial month either and this really has put me down a bit but it also made me want to work more and differently on various aspects. But I guess this is just the beginning...

What have you been up to this month? Fancy sharing some of your favourite things? I'm all ears!

  1. I'm definitely much more of a visual person when it comes to Instagram, and I post photos that I know will suit the feed, not just for the caption. I don't often read book reviews but I do look for recommendations on IG, which most of the time leads to some good blogs!

    Loving the photos in this post :)

    Anika |

    1. That's exactly my point! Yas! I also read book recommendations on IG (espeacially if they're tied to a great photo!) but I never read book reviews on IG. I always find it hard. I also LOVE to discover new blogs so that's great too!!!

      Thank you for your kind comment!